Royale Touche is a leading manufacturer of luxury laminates, plywood and wooden flooring in India.

Our Story

The year was 1978 when 5 brothers Ashwin Patel, Arvind Patel, Dinesh Patel, Bharat Patel and Jitendra Patel from Gujarat, decided to change the way India looked at Laminates. They wanted to change the country’s perception of laminates being just an economical, hard-wearing background
The dream was turned into reality when the Royale Touches' first-ever manufacturing unit was set up in Wadhwan city
It was a start-up built on two simple rules:
  1. Ever-changing designs and never-changing quality
  2. A royale customer is to be treated like Royalty
Over time, Royale Touché has grown to be India’s most premium laminate brand in the building material sector with a vast variety of designs and the promise of impeccable quality.
With the same values and principles, Royale Touché has decided to foray into the plywood industry and revolutionize the way people look at plywood.
Why Plywood
  • With the exponential boom in the building industry, Royale Touche decided to venture into another vertical that aligned with our supply chain and value proposition
  • At the time, we realized that the plywood market in India was extremely fragmented and saturated with organized and unorganized players.
  • Every single brand in the market had a plethora of ranges of plywood with varying qualities, with almost negligible customer awareness about what comprises a good quality plywood.
  • With the aim of providing a quality product to customers making their dream home, and educating them to make an informed decision, Royale Touché has introduced Royale Touché Performance Ply - a ply that has it all.

Our Journey


Established 1st laminate factory in Surendranagar

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Established 2nd laminate factory in Ahmedabad

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Established Modular Furniture in Rajkot

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Started Production of India’s first ISI marked Adhesives ( Royal Bond)

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Established Another compact & exterior laminate factory in Ahmedabad

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Expanded production capacity by 35%

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Launched Royale Touche Wooden Floorings Pan India

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Installed A new Press Increased Production by 30%

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Laminate Production Unit Production Capacity expanded by 25%

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Plywood Manufacturing Unit Installed with production capacity of 1,25,00,000 NA/50,000 M3 In Ahmedabad

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State of the art facility
Equipped with cutting edge technology and advanced machinery, our plywood facility is made in a total span of 28 acres, with a production capacity of 1,00,000 sheets per month.
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Vacuum Pressure Treatment
Every single veneer is treated with nano particles that penetrate deep within the veneers that give termite and borer proof and fire retardant properties to the plywood.
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100% gapless
With sophisticated imported core and panel composers and scarf jointers, every single layer that goes into Royale Touche Performance Ply is gapless, giving unmatched durability and strength to the plywood
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100% BWP Plywood (Boiling Waterproof Plywood)
With 100% in-house manufacturing of high solid polymer phenolic resins, we ensure our ply passes the 120 hrs boiling water test, making it suitable for all
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4 Press Technology
Manufactured using 4 times pressing to ensure equilibrium moisture content within the glue line, ensuring structural stability, thus preventing warping and delamination
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Multiple quality checks
With hammer tests conducted at four different stages of the manufacturing process and stringent grading norms, we ensure that every single ply that gets dispatched from the facility meets the quality parameters promised to our customers

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Q : What is plywood used for?

A : Plywood is an extremely versatile building material, and it can be used in a variety of applications, based on a variety of factors such as reinforcement and decorative surfaces. Due to its strength and cost, it is often used in interior and exterior building applications, from things like wooden furniture to interior cladding.

Q : What if the plywood gets wet?

A : Most BWP plywood boards will resist the harmful effects of raw water, and stronger woods are better equipped to manage prolonged water damage and film-coated plywood is an example. Like most timber, even if it is waterproof plywood, prolonged exposure to moisture will start to wear and damage the wood. Untreated pieces will also not hold for long, and warping and rotting will start much faster over time.

Q : Can plywood be bent?

A : Although plywood sheet can be bent, it should be specialized, as most other plywood will crumble and break if they are bent. The best plywood available for flexing should have grain close together so that the surface does not separate during bending. Near-vein hardwood surfaces are ideal, including plywood made from eucalyptus

Q : Can the plywood be sanded and polished?

A : Plywood can be sanded and polished. However, like any other wood, it is important to use the right equipment to ensure that the finish appears as desired. Individuals should start with 80-grit sandpaper to flatten the base surface before moving on to finer grinding for a smoother and more vivid polish on the wood.

Q : How thick is the plywood?

A : The thickness of the plywood varies depending on what pieces are being used. If plywood is being used as a support, it needs to be thicker and stiffer than if it were being used as veneer. Conventional plywood thickness can vary up to 6 mm to 19 mm as much as a quarter of an inch. Specialized plywood grades can come in more varieties when it comes to their thickness.